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VIP MIX 2023

by Jetelmen

I Wanna 03:32
Sweety 05:39
House Rec 04:42


New house oriented release by local producer and our mate - Jetelmen.
He is holding a masterclass in heady groovers on this set of , carried along by advanced lo-fi vibes of clanging beats and classic percussives, punctuated by delayed stabs, steel drum and dreamy pads.

The young Moscow-based producer Jetelmen is making waves with his unique sound that draws inspiration from a range of music genres. His latest album is set to be released in March on the Welofi, and it promises to be a treat for fans of electronic dance music. The album is a fusion of lo-fi house and ghetto house styles, showcasing the artist's versatility and creative range.
The album features a selection of popular club remixes from the 2010s, giving listeners a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Each track is expertly crafted, with intricate soundscapes and infectious beats that are guaranteed to get you moving. Whether you're a fan of electronic dance music or just appreciate innovative sound design, this album is a must-listen. Get ready to experience a fresh and exciting take on classic club tunes.

Coverart by Valeria Stratonnikova:


released February 10, 2023


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Our main focus is on ghetto, soft techno, outsider house, leftfield and experimental sound from house to breakbeat and we are always open to something new, laying beyond the frames.

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